When an idea can be materialized through passion and persistence, is a design truly real.

There are few material things I include in my life and the ones I do I try my best to create myself. There is something unique about making a thought come to life. It brings a different kind of appreciation to its use. Do I really need it? How will it make my life easier, or more beautiful? These are the first few questions I ask myself when I begin to pursue a new project.

The bench for giants

Although I work in an industry where following code is essential, I thought to myself – “Self, why don’t you make a bench a little bit taller and wider than code?” Well, I can help answer that question after the fact, please never do that again. When codes say that a chair is usually 17-19″ high, don’t go making it 22″ unless you want your legs to loose circulation when not touching the floor. And don’t get me started on the fact that it also just looks monstrous next to anything within 50′ beside it. On the bright side its fun to curl up on and read a good magazine – my favourite thing to do lately. If any of you haven’t heard of Dwell please go subscribe now!

a useful shelf

The best part of making your own furniture is adding some wheels to the bottom of it so it can roll around while all loaded up! And when working with wood its easy to pick a perfect coloured stain to go with the furniture you already have.

some honeycomb shelves