Dresden, Germany

You know when you like something so much and don’t really know why? That is how I feel about this Eastern German city. Dresden has so much history that shows in every building that stands. 

I visited Dresden a few years back and did loads of touristy things back then. Some of my favourite memories include..

  • Having an afternoon coffee in a cafe by the Frauenkirche
  • Sitting on the steps of the Schloßplatz
  • Walking through the gardens of the Zwinger
  • Going to the opera at the Semper Opera House (a definite highlight)
  • Checking out Neustadt that is full of restaurants, bars and unique shopping
  • Admiring Kunsthofpassage
  • Taking a tour of the Die Gläserne Manufaktur
  • Taking a day trip to Basteibrücke (My favourite highlight!)

This time when I visited I relaxed in my very nice airbnb, went to a great beer garden, watched a concert from the main bridge (don’t ask me who it was, all I know is there were a lot of lederhosen and german singing..), biked down the river and I went to the movies (and watched the film in German!).

The  SchillerGarten Dresden GmbH is a beer garden that I really enjoyed was outside of the city but well worth the trip. It is right on the river and in a really cute town.

In Neustadt I had a great meal and beer at Katy’s Garage, I recommend this very German restaurant/beer garden in the heart of Neustadt.


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