Prague, Czech Republic

This city and country will take you by surprise I can guarantee it.

Coming from Scandinavia to the Czech Republic was a pleasant shock. A shock that puts a smile on your face every time you buy a beer for €1 rather than €10, stay in a hostel for €12 rather than €35 and when you turn onto one beautiful cobble stone street after another. The Czech Republic is a beautiful country with easy transit between cities, old style architecture and friendly residents.


The Trip There:

I had taken an over night train from Malmo, Sweden to Berlin using Snälltåget and it was a really comfortable ride. It leaves at 5pm and arrives at 6:30am daily and the train boards a huge ferry for 4 hours so you can sit up on the deck, get some fresh air and look at the beautiful sand cliffs off the coast of Germany. One weird thing about the trip though is that when the train arrives in Germany by the ferry it just stays in a rail yard from around 11pm till 3 am. I guess that helps so that you don’t arrive in Berlin at an unsightly hour but it was super weird to go to bed knowing your not moving.. Its a “free” night accomodation I guess!?

Then, from Berlin I used an amazing ride share service to get from Berlin to Prague called BlaBlaCar. The cost of a ride depends on the driver but its always fractions of the cost of a train ticket. I paid €15 compared to €70 for a one way train ticket. Talk about savings!!

Things I Did:

In Prague I ate lots of food, drank lots of beer and walked aimlessly for hours.

I stayed in a hostel in the “new” city center and I really liked the location. It was close enough to all the action but you could walk in the other direction and take a breather from all the tourists. (Its pretty bad how many there are in the city)

PS: Click on the photos to see them enlarged/clearly

I have to recommend the Letná Beer Garden which has great views of the entire city. Also, Pivovar Národní is a great restaurant and brewery with nice outdoor seating.


I also really enjoyed the Cross Cafe and I believe it is a Czech coffee shop chain (like Starbucks but not as “fancy”, its cheaper and has much better food and coffee).


Plzeň, Czech Republic

After a few days in Prague I went to visit my friend who lives in Plzeň which is an hour and a half away by bus or train (their both around €3). This city is home to Pilsner Urquell!! The beer that inspired for more than two thirds of all beer made in the world! Kind of crazy huh? I of course had no idea about this but that is the point of travelling, finding out things you never knew! Plzeň is also a large engineering/manufacturing city because it is only 45 minutes to the German border. Lots of international companies set up their work there in order to be closer to their German business partners.

ANYWAYS, I digress with boring facts, I had an amazing time with my friend. We went on bike rides to the city center and drank loads of cheap beer, we went rollerblading, went to the movies, ate burgers at the park, sunbathed by the river, went on a brewery tour of Pilsner Urquell and we ate great food.


Some of my favourite places I ate in Plzen include:

  • Lokál – Super traditional Czech food thats REALLY good
  • Blondies Burgers
  • Cafe Regner


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