The Bare Necessities

This is an open letter for the things we don’t need but feel like they’re a good to have. Material Things!

In this day in age materialism is really pushed to the maximum and upon realizing this I wanted to take some personal action towards it. I want to live minimally.

Have you noticed how many things you have that you don’t actually use? Like the sweater you keep in your closet for that one occasion or weather condition and then end up not wearing it because you forgot about it.. Its not just you, trust me.

We need to start caring about the things we own and make sure we are not lugging around all this extra baggage. Its expensive, adding waste to our beautiful world and time consuming thinking about it all.

So, I am not going to try and convince anyone to start living minimally. But what I will do is depict everything I have found to be useful to me. The essentials of everyday living. And hopefully you can start to see the value in having fewer material things in our life.

Join me on this adventure, if you dare?



So if you are like myself and hate having a bulky water bottle in your nice backpack or purse, this company has figured out a solution for US!

Memobottle has beautifully mastered the art of water bottle design by fabricating a water bottle that fits perfectly with your books, laptop and wallet. If these pictures don’t make you want to rock this new water bottle I don’t know what will. Order yours now and lets start a trend together!

I forgot to mention, if you don’t want everyone looking at you and saying “OMG thats a cool water bottle” every time you take a sip maybe this isn’t the best thing for you 🙂


Finally someone has thought to make a travel mug that doesn’t look like its going to outer space! Or is it just me that is sick of these types of coffee mugs?


I have found a great company and design that I love to drink my coffee, tea and hot chocolates out of. Keep Cup has come up with a great mug that has a spill proof lid for those of us that can hold any liquid still while walking. This design in particular I love because its simple, it has a neutral-ish colour scheme and its glass!

3. A Plain Wallet

I have never really been a flashy person, especially when it comes to wallets. When I see people with shiny wallets that are the size of my entire purse I really wonder what on earth they have in there. Did you really need that discount card from the one store you probably wont buy anything from again?

ElektroPulli is a great German designer company that hand makes all of their bags, wallets and phone cases! Check them out!






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