Traits of a Trip

I would like to introduce you to my general and random thoughts on travelling. These are thoughts that have emerged when I was travelling through China alone in 2015. Every time I was in a train or bus and when I was eating my meals solo I would jot down some notes about the traits of my trips.

Idea #1: Good research results in good travelling.

Get to know your destinations. Trip advisor’s top things to see is a life saver and their forums are very helpful. Also, try to ask fellow travelers for advice, people you meet in hostels or at touristic sights. Make sure to get multiple opinions about your destination.

Idea #2: Have an open mind.

Things will be different. Very different than what you’re used to. So, it’s best if you leave your routine at home and go with the flow. Try new things but make sure to not go out of your boundaries.

Idea #3: Plan some highlights and let the rest just happen naturally. (My favourite idea)

Make your trip flexible. What if you end up liking one place over another? If your trip includes a few unplanned days you can spend them where you like it most. Also, unplanned days can account for unplanned occurrences, missing a train or getting lost happens. You just have to go with the flow.


Idea Phase: Where do I get my inspiration to travel? Travel blogs, meeting people, Facebook, magazines, pictures, pictures, pictures. I’m a visual person who gets excited very easily. I love natural beauty and the mysteries of urban planning. Coming from Canada I have seen and met many different people who have different values, beliefs, and cultures. Learning about the root of where we all come from interests me. It helps me understand how to work with people and have an open mind.

Creation Phase: The part when you plan your trip! It’s tedious. Motivations run low. It’s hard work but the more effort you put the better! Learn the language. Get to know transit systems (trains, planes, buses).

Packing Phase: Don’t bring anything you haven’t worn the past week and make every gram count. It’ll make or break your trip. Knapsacks are the best choice and get one that has and gap between your back and the bag. You’ll be sweating where ever you travel.

Some random items I find useful:

A reuseable water bottle – please don’t add 10000 plastic bottles to our environment 🙂
Laundry soap – so you can do it by hand
Camping towel – it folds up real small, is super absorbent and dries quickly
Small electricity adaptor
Flip flops


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